Town of Witless Bay

Town of Witless Bay

Tax Structure

Town of Witless Bay



Property Tax:

Residential property 4 mills

Commercial property 8 mills

Minimum Residential property $500.00

Business Tax:

Autobody/Service Stations 13 mills

B & B/Efficiency Units 5 mills

Bank/Financial Institutions 40 mills

Fish Plants 15 mills

General Commercial 12 mills

Heavy Equipment/Construction 50 mills

Personal Care/Retirement Homes 6 mills

No fixed address 5% of Gross Revenue

Utilities 2.5% of Gross Revenue

Minimum Business Tax $250.00

Permits – Residential:

New home construction $125.00

Excavation (for residential & commercial) $50.00

Accessory bldgs. extensions/fences & demolition $50.00

Permits – Commercial:

New Buildings & Extensions 40 cents per sq. ft. per floor, min. $250.00

Renovations $150.00

Permit to Operate Business $150.00

Permit to Operate Home-based Business $100.00


Application fee $25.00

Discretionary Use/Advertisement $250.00 (minimum)

Tax Certificate – Residential $250.00

Tax Certificate – Commercial $400.00

Subdivision Development Fee:

Per Lot $300.00 to be paid by developer prior to issuance of permit

Discounts – Applicable to property tax only:

5% on current property tax, if payment of all outstanding debts (current and prior taxes or otherwise) are paid in full by March 31, 2018.

Other Discount:

Residential property owners in receipt of the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) may be eligible for a 10% property tax reduction. A mandatory application providing proof of eligibility by way of an entitlement letter from Services Canada confirming receipt of GIS is required. See the Town’s website or stop by the office during regular office hours for the application and instructions on how to obtain the entitlement letter.


All taxes are due and payable by May 31, 2018. Taxes not paid by May 31, 2018, or without payment arrangements being made, will be charged a rate of 18% per annum, compounded monthly, retroactive from January.

Payment Arrangements:

Acceptable payment options: Visa, MasterCard, Debit, and pre-authorized payments. If acceptable arrangements are made with the Town before March 31, 2018 to have accounts paid in full by November 30, 2018, no interest will be applied to the account.